FileMaker Development

No matter what type of business or industry, all companies produce and maintain data, which is critical to their on-going success. This data may include sales figures, customer contacts, marketing information, product tracking, stock and inventory purchases.

A safe and reliable database system can save time and money by automating and managing daily tasks and information more effectively. Databases also provide an ideal tool for enabling fast analysis of data and can provide vital marketing and trend information about products, services and people.

Whether you are interested in a customer database from scratch or upgrades to your existing database, we can help.

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Customised or off-the-shelf

Customised database solutions can offer many advantages over standard off-the-shelf software. A customised solution, which exactly matches your business process, products and services, can increase productivity and provide your company with a competitive edge. Customised solutions also allow greater customer control over the functionality and "look and feel" of the software.

Tailoring your Business Needs

We can produce flexible custom database solutions, tailored to your unique data management requirements. Your database can also be adapted as your business changes or grows.

Automate Business Processes

Automating your business processes can save time and money. It also protects companies from an over reliance on the knowledge of individual staff members, enabling workflow and practices to remain consistent. Our intuitive and easy to use interfaces reduce the time necessary for training and minimises human error.

Multiple Use of Data

The same data can be presented and utilised in many different formats, reducing duplication of effort. Data can be extracted to produce charts, graphs, forms, reports and statistical analysis. Data can be compiled over different time periods, for example, into weekly or monthly reports.

Data Access & Transparency

Storing your business information within a database can promote transparency within an organisation, allowing records to be accessed and crosschecked instantly. My databases can be password protected and can allow restricted access privileges for users at different levels.


In a flew clicks, your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other files can be integrated into your database allowing easier searching, sorting, printing and reporting.