FileMaker Support

One click support

Needing some quick and affordable help with your FileMaker database? Our one-click support options allow you access to our Mentors in metered blocks of time, starting at just £12.50 for 10 minutes* You can pay on line, and use the units up all at once or in small blocks at a time that suits you.

Support for any FileMaker version

FileMaker Mentor support can be used for FileMaker training, solving a specific problem, help when building solutions, modelling your data structure, creating functions, scripts, calculations, or solving relationship problems. We support any version of FileMaker at any level, and with such a low cost, we could not have made it simpler to get the help you need, when you need it.

Buy Scheduled Support


£1.25/minute plus VAT* (*for applicable countries). Please contact us to schedule your support session.

Buy Same Day Support - Currently unavailable

Unscheduled / Same Day Support £1.75/minute plus VAT* (*for applicable countries).