Mobile Applications

Mobile solutions aren't just for smartphones and laptops. Even desktops systems can benefit from mobile architecture. You may have more than one office and wish to synchronise data between each site, or you may wish to improve security by not having your databases permanently hosted to the web.

Our synculator software for FileMaker and FileMaker Go allows you to synchronise your databases between base and field systems, or from server to server, or even on your iPad. Synculator stores your data locally allowing you to work on your data even without a web connection to the host. Using Synculator and the now free FileMaker Go on the iPhone and the iPad, you have the freedom to create and deploy your own business applications to your work groups, with minimal cost and the simplest of licensing models.

With FileMaker Go and Synculator, anything is possible:

  • Visitor survey systems
  • Sales tools
  • Electronic Service Reports
  • Menu ordering systems
  • Clinical tools
  • Lab Books
  • Auditing tools
  • Diagnosis tools
  • School Reporting, and Pupil Tracking