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FileMaker 1 Day Fast Track Course

Record Management

Course Description:

This course explores some specialised techniques for the more advanced FileMaker user. It centres around the concept of record management and techniques you can use to offer a robust, clear and responsive user interface.

The course features both design considerations, the creation of re-useable generic scripts, plus the implementation of custom functions, script triggers and conditional formatting, plus some little known methods that will supercharge the performance and development speed of your databases.

  • Planning your schema
  • D.A.V.E. establishing the core elements of a database application
  • Creating Robust Generic Scripts for Adding, Deleting, Viewing, and Editing
  • Modal management of Global fields for Submitting, Editing records.
  • Making a master table and establishing core generic record management fields
  • Managing the Relationships Diagram, naming conventions and Bus architecture
  • Compact but effective layout design
  • Script Triggers (for managing window behaviour)
  • Conditional formatting to enhance the user experience (UX)
  • Designing interface behaviour to meet user expectations (Application
  • Using arrays for the user interface (portal behaviour)
  • Record validation input and user feedback
  • Effective prevention of duplicate records
  • Establishing a Delete strategy
  • Managing cascading dependencies with your relational database structure
  • Using the optional script parameter
  • Mastering the use of Variables ($$, $ and the Let command)
  • Effective navigation methods
  • Nested Tabs, and Object Names
  • Advanced record creation techniques
  • Mastering the data viewer and the script debugger
  • Naming Conventions and consistency
  • The separation model
  • Parsing Variables from file to file.

  • Generic scripts are written in such a way that they have no fixed references, such as layout names, field names, and rely on data being passed to the script from variables or via the optional script parameter or both. This allows the developer to be able to offer re-useable functions, rather than having to write custom scripts for each button.

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    Course Titles

    FileMaker Secrets Developer Series - On demand courses

  • Introduction to FileMaker Pro
  • Intermediate FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Migration
  • FileMaker Conditional Formatting
  • FileMaker Custom Functions
  • FileMaker 3rd Party Tools - Plugins
  • FileMaker Script Triggers
  • FileMaker Go - iPhone and iPad applications
  • Perparation Training for FileMaker Certified Developer Exam
  • Custom Web Publishing with FileMaker Pro
  • Tips and Techniques for Interface Design in FileMaker Pro

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